Care to try and wrap your brain around the concept of Vince Vaughn: Action Hero?

The ‘Watch’ comedian might be ready to try his hand at the genre, according to Deadline. ‘Braveheart’ screenwriter Randall Wallace reportedly has penned a script for ‘Gunslingers,’ which is set up for Vaughn to lead. Little is known about the plot, except for the fact that it’s set in modern-day Los Angeles, and it somehow is going to explore the concept of heroism and sacrifice. According to the site, “heroic and iconic characters from the past collide with contemporary urban reality [for] a movie that explores what real heroism is in a fun and unexpected way. It’s also a two-hander.”

Of course, several comedians have attempted to shift over to action comedy, with great results. Billy Crystal’s best movie might be ‘Running Scared,’ and Eddie Murphy was rarely better than when we was dancing through the tough and hilarious ‘Beverly Hills Cop.’ And, on the flip side, several macho action stars have given comedy a go. I’m looking at you, Stallone and Schwarzenegger.

But Vaughn? I wouldn’t have guessed it. A few years back, Vaughn’s ‘Wedding Crashers’ pal Owen Wilson was headlining action films like ‘Behind Enemy Lines.’ He looked as out of place as a duck at a wedding reception.

Yet Vaughn has been milking the same on-screen persona for some time now, and it would be refreshing to see him risk and stretch in a property we normally wouldn’t associate him with. Having Wallace on scripting duties gives me hope. We’ll see what ‘Gunslingers’ turns out to be. For now, consider us intrigued.

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