After extra hard deliberation, our fine panel of judges have finally narrowed our entries down to 5 deserving nominees.  They are all very different!  Take a look at these love stories, and then vote once per day for your favorite!  We will announce the winner on Thursday morning! Thanks for your patience, as it was way harder than you think to choose from all the entries!


Voting is open, 1 time per day and will close at Midnight on Wednesday, February 12, 2020. KLAW Cupids, Jeri and Critter will deliver the prizes to the winner and runners up on Thursday, February 13th!  Good Luck!



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    I nominate my husband. Last June we took in my husband's father who had stage 4 lung cancer. My husband had to work extra hours at work to take off every 3 weeks to take him up to St. Louis Missouri for his cancer treatments. Then when the treatments stopped working and my father- in- law declined. He woke up one day and had full blown lewy body dementia. My husband took off more days to take care if him till my son came to live with us to help us out. In Nov 2019 my father-in-law passed away. The cancer just spread so fast. My husband did alot for him, mentally and physically. He's my hero in a sense.

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    So my valentine is HOT, smart, strong, caring, loving and HOT!! She is the worlds best time mom to our three kids and does everything with them in mind. Not only is she the worlds best mon but she also works full time and is also a full time student. AND, on top of all of that, she has to put up with me!! I am truly blessed to have this woman in my life and there is nobody more deserving of a little something something for valentines day!!

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    My Valentine is my wife Cody. She’s an academic advisor at Cameron and is so caring for her students including the high school students who are concurrently taking college classes. She’s been tired a lot lately because she is making a baby, our first child due in August! One of her love languages is gift giving and she is always so thoughtful with her gifts. Gift giving is not typically one of my strengths and I have to ask her what she wants for birthdays and holidays, so I would love to surprise her with something I didn’t have to ask her about.

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    Above and Beyond

    My valentine has gone above and beyond for me and our kids. I’ve been off work due to a foot injury, not able to walk and do my usual wife/mom duties. He rose to not only being dad, but taking on all the duties I usually took care of. He deserves way more than I can give him!

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    Kassandra is a sophomore @ MacArthur, she is a survivor. She has faced more than her fair share of tragedy, yet she always pushes through and stays true to herself. She inspires me to be comfortable with who I am fortable with who I am. She knows at 16 exactly who she is.

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