Do you belong to a homeowners association? I'm not sure how prevalent they are in the state of Oklahoma but they were huge in Minnesota and EXPENSIVE. If you lived in a nice neighborhood, you belonged to a homeowners association. Check out these weird, but very real, homeowner laws from across the country. 

  1. It's against the law to sit on your front porch in an "indecent position" in Columbus Georgia.
  2. In Grants Pass, Oregon, it's not against the law to toss onions at obnoxious salesmen if they don't stop knocking on your door or ringing your bell.
  3. In Boston, it's illegal to take a bath unless it's ordered by a doctor.
  4. It's against the law in Oxford, Ohio, for a woman to take off their clothes in front of a man's picture.
  5. In Chicago, it's illegal to fish in your pajamas.
  6. You're not allowed to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on in North Dakota
  7. In San Francisco, it's illegal to wipe down your car with a pair of underwear, unless it's brand new.
  8. It's illegal to kick your wife out of bed in Lebanon, Virginia
  9. You need a hunting license to set a mousetrap if you live in El Hoyo, California.
  10. In Prunedale, California, it's against the law to have two indoor bathtubs.

I wonder how many people have been ticketed or even worse, arrested, for these violations!



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