Sister duo Walker County dig into tight vocal harmonies, a vibrant hook and flirty, feel-good pop-country for their major-label debut single, "Bits & Pieces."

The song describes the morning after a hazy night out with a new love interest: While the details might be fuzzy, the overall memory is one of a promising romance, with more to come in the future.

Walker County have so far made sure to show off their versatility, taking cues from the Chicks and Ashley McBryde in rock-inflected, villainous songs like "Shovel," while dipping into classic country heartbreak with ballads such as "Drag It Out." No matter the style, though, their songs tend to spotlight vocal harmony.

"Bits & Pieces" shows off the duo's radio-ready appeal and ability to apply their signature sound to any song, no matter the style. In addition to dropping "Bits & Pieces" as their first major-label submission to country radio, Walker County have continued to tease new music to come later in the year.

Did You Know?: This rising country duo had a breakout year in 2020: They were named among CMT's Listen Up and Next Women of Country classes.

Walker County's "Bits & Pieces" Lyrics:

Said I wasn't gonna drink / Said I wasn't gonna stay / I said I wasn't gonna drink / I guess I better watch what I say / Why am I wakin' up noon:45? / My head's killin' me, but you're on my mind...


Can't remember what we did last night / Kinda blurry but it all felt right / Not specific on the place and time / But I know it felt like thank you Jesus / Glass bottles and a backyard show / Cheap tequila with my dancin' clothes / Can't remember how the whole thing goes / But I know I love those bits and pieces

I can't remember that song / But I remember your eyes, blue / The denim jacket you had on / Come to think of it, damn / Who has my keys? I know I didn't drive / My head's killin' me, but you're on my mind...

Repeat Chorus

How we started at your place / And somehow ended up back at my place / Standin' in the driveway, kissin' your face / Somewhere around then / I started losing track of time / Well, your guess is good as mine...

Repeat Chorus

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