Walker Hayes' songs have always been inspired by his life, and when he sang about heading to "Applebee's on a date night" in his mega-hit, "Fancy Like," he wasn't joking. The country star and his wife, Laney, recently enjoyed a night out at Applebee's to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary.

"So it's no lie. Laney loves Applebee's," Hayes tells fans in a lengthy video he posted to Instagram of the couple enjoying their meal. "I was like, 'Where you wanna go to celebrate year 18?' She was like, 'Applebee's.'... She's low-maintenance."

Throughout their meal, the pair shared tips for the perfect Applebee's night out — such as getting two spinach dips, "Because I eat all of one," Hayes says — and reflected on their years together.

"I love me some Laney. She's my best friend. Even when we're fighting," he relates, between bites of spinach dip. "We had a fight this weekend and I was like, 'Man, still my best friend.'"

The couple, who have been together since they were teenagers, may still have the occasional tiff just like they did when they were younger, but at least one thing has changed over the past couple of years: Thanks to the success of "Fancy Like," and the song's Applebee's shoutout, they now get to pay for their meals using an Applebee's Gold Card.

In fact, they dropped the special card when the check came for their anniversary meal, though Laney admitted she felt a little nervous to be using it.


"Finna drop that Gold Card," Hayes jokes from behind the camera, as Lainey sits across the table holding the check.

"I'm a bit embarrassed," the singer's wife says, breaking into a laugh. "I mean, aren't you? This thing legit weighs a lot."

"Let me hear it hit the table," the singer continues, before Laney drops the card, resulting in a surprisingly loud clang, and the couple break into giggles.

It's unclear exactly what kind of discount the Hayes' Applebee's Gold Card entitles them to; there's no mention of the Gold Card on the Applebee's website. The restaurant chain did have a Golden Apple program for seniors that was discontinued in 2012. Per TheSeniorList.com, that discount entitled restaurant-goers over 60 to 10-15% off their meal.

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