Walker Hayes has released a new single, "You Broke Up With Me." Readers can press play below to hear the catchy, beat-boxing-filled, one-man country jam session.

"You Broke Up WIth Me" will impact country radio stations on June 26, but is already making waves with fans -- and given its kiss-off-to-an-ex lyrics that have just enough swagger, it's no wonder why.

"Ha / Guess you don't know what you want 'til you see I'm movin' on / Makin' lonely look like freedom," Hayes sings in "You Broke Up With Me." "Baby, don't even act like I'm doing something wrong / If my song comes on and I get lost on that dance floor / In somebody's arms that aren't yours."

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The song continues, "Whoa, girl, simmer on down a notch / Ain't nobody making you watch me get my forget-you on / No, girl, can't touch my good-as-gold / I know it's difficult to see me on a roll / But hey, you broke up with me / Yeah, what can I say, babe, you broke up with me."

Hayes isn't new on the country scene -- he released his first album in 2010 -- but the casual sound of this breakup song could make it a summer staple for 2017.

Hayes recently signed with Monument Records; "You Broke Up With Me" is currently available for download on iTunes and Amazon. A tour schedule is available on his website.

Listen to Walker Hayes' "You Broke Up With Me"

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