Anytime you can do something 'cool' in July, you had better jump at the chance.  Our temperatures are already knocking on the door or triple digits, and if you factor in the humidity, it's just about melting weather.

Our friends at Fort Sill have just the thing for you Runners and Walkers looking for a way to do what you love, Run and Walk, and to stay cool doing it!

This weekend, Fort Sill's LETRA (Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area) is hosting a Splash Run.  Yes, it's just what it sounds like.


Walkers and runners are invited to enjoy a splash-filled afternoon at LETRA! Runs will consist of different splash zones.  Cost: $15/Runner with a limited-edition T-shirt. Registration: June 21-July 24 at the LETRA office or Building 4700. Please register by July 12 to guarantee your T-shirt size.

Now, no one could ever call me a runner, but I've participated in the Spirit of Survival, (which is back virtually this year!), as a walker, and believe me, a little respite from a Oklahoma Summer is just what the doctor ordered.  And with the view of the Wichita Mountains as your backdrop, what is stopping you?  Registration is so inexpensive, and you get a limited edition shirt included.  The run is Fort Sill’s Family & Morale, Welfare and Recreation’s creative way to get after fitness while staying cool in the summer temps.
I for one think this is the 'coolest' event see in Lawton/Fort Sill in a long time. Digital registrations are still available.  Mark you calendar for this weekend!
For more information, visit This is a family-friendly event!

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