Remain calm, all is well, there's no need to panic...Walmarts across the country ARE NOT going bag-less next month on July 1st. There's been a lot of talk and rumor online and elsewhere about Walmart going bag-less, maybe you've seen or heard about it. Well it's NOT TRUE, at least for the entire country and certainly not in Oklahoma. THE ONLY Walmarts at this time that will be going bag-less are in Maine. That's it, the only place they're going bag-less. So why are they doing this? Is it some test market to see how it works so they can roll it out across the rest of the stores Nationwide?

The reason the Walmarts in Maine are going bag-less is due to a new state law that prohibits single use plastic bags. It's a statewide ban on plastic bags, not a Nationwide ban and it certainly isn't Walmart making all the changes. A lot of people we're fooled into thinking it was all Walmarts starting July 1st, nope just Maine. It'll be real interesting to see how this all works out. It's one thing to limit or ban bags in store, but what about pick up orders and deliveries? If you place an order online do you have to bring your own bags to load them in the car when you pick it up? Or what about having a delivery made to your house, do you have to met them and bag your stuff up to bring it in? Sounds like it's going to be a nightmare.

I don't know about you but restricting or banning bags is really inconvenient. I mean think about it, you'd have to bring all your own bags to the store and hope you have enough. It's not an issue if you're just picking up a few things, but what about doing monthly shopping or buying a bunch of stuff? That would be a real headache. I'm sure stores in Maine will be selling non-plastic bags at the registers so you can sack your stuff up. It gets worse, not only is it inconvenient not having bags to sack your purchase, what about all the other uses for plastic bags around the house? Imagine no more free bathroom trashcan liners, or poop bags for the dogs. Oh' the humanity...Luckily for Oklahoma we're not facing such a cruel future.

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