Week #4 Virtual Car Show Winner – Jerry Williams

Jerry won the fourth week of our virtual car show and here is what he has to say about his 1969 Chevy Chevell SS;

I bought this car in or around 1986.  I looked in all the car magazines for almost two years before I found this car in Garland, Texas.  A friend and I went down one day after work and brought it home.  I fixed up the inside and had a new 425hp 396 cu in motor put in, bought a new 4 speed transmission, due to the fact that most of the gears in the old trans were shot.  Then I decided I needed a really good paint job.  Some friends of mine, Leonard Case,   who is really particular and happened to be an automobile enthusiast, and Jim Moore worked during the evenings and weekends for about 6 months on the paint job.   I had bought the car for $3900.00.  Now it has over $30,000.00 in the total car.  I'm pretty much done with repairs.  Now I just get in it once in a while when i have the need for SPEED!