Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz

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Last Sunday's on-field meltdown between Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz proved that even some of the best coaches get a little too hot under the collar at times. See what happens when tempers flare with our Top 10 list of Coaches Gone Wild!



Jim Mora's Saints Rant



When Jim Mora was coaching the New Orleans Saints in 1996, they were beaten by the Carolina Panthers 19-7, which put their record at 2-6 at the time. Coach Mora walked out of the postgame press conference after letting out a few profanities.



Coach Kevin Borseth Explodes



Who knew that women's basketball was so intense? Coach Kevin Borseth nearly popped a vein in his forehead during an interview about Michigan women's basketball. Crying? There's no crying in basketball!



Jim Mora Mad About Fans Cheering Injury



Jim Mora ranted so much as a coach, he made our list twice, the second time when Saints fans cheered an injury to quarterback Wade Wilson.



Marv Levy



Former Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy flipped out on a reporter after he was asked a question he obviously took offense to.



Herm Edwards



We all know that Herm Edwards is a little crazy. He proved it in 1999 when he reminded reporters that “You play to win the game!”



Dennis Green Flips Out



Former Arizona Cardinals head coach Dennis Green flipped out after losing to the Chicago Bears when they had 23-3 lead in the 4th quarter.



The Rime of the Ancient Mariner



Mariners coach goes off after a game, the bleeps can't keep up.



Lindy Ruff angry at his players



Sometimes you have to light a fire under someone's butt. While Lindy Ruff is mostly cool behind the bench, sometimes he gets a little worked up and when he does, we like it.



Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh



Lions head coach tries to confront the 49ers coach after the post game handshake wasn't to his liking.



Bobby Knight



Our number one selection, former Indiana head coach Bobby Knight is no stranger to coaching meltdowns. In this classic example, he throws a chair during a basketball game in 1985.