When is a bag of Tostitos more than just a bag a chips? When it's Super Bowl Sunday and you have over celebrated the big game and your bag of chips can call for a ride home.When the Frito-Lay company, parent company of Tostitos brand chips and Uber have partnered up to make sure people make it home safely from their Sper Bowl Sunday Festivities.

The Plano, TX based Frito-Lay company is launching limited-edition Tostitos bags in connection with Sunday's game, that can tell if you've been drinking. The black "Party Safe" bags are fitted with sensors that are connected to a microcontroller that is set to detect alcohol on your breath. But unlike a breathalyzer, which is designed to tell whether you have over-indulged, the bags simply remind you if you have been doing any amount of detectable drinking.

When the bags are "turned on" a blue ring will appear around the top of the bag. Blowing onto to the ring will either turn the ring green, if you are good to go, or red, if alcohol is detected. Don't go to you local market looking for the bags, though, as Frito-Lay is distributing them to pre-selected fans. But, through a partnership with Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, they are offering a $10 coupon in standard bags of Tostitos Scoops, for an Uber ride to the first 25,000 users at the game's end.

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