A new study released this week has named Montana as the second most adventurous state in the nation. According to the data, Montana's neighboring Rocky Mountain states offered some tough competition in the top five, but Montana ultimately beat out Colorado and Idaho to snag the #2 spot on the list of America's Most Adventurous States. Utah nabbed the top spot.  If you look at the map, our Oklahoma ranks as one of the least adventurous states. Are we surprised?

How you might wonder do you determine the most adventurous states? Check this out:

The analysts at TermLife2Go.com reviewed data on the number of purchases and subscriptions related to adventure-seeking activities like rock climbing, surfing, jet skiing, scuba diving, water skiing, and hiking in each state. They then used the data to score each state based on its residents' level of interest in adventurous activities and assigned a ranking accordingly.

And the Winners (and Losers) Are:


Take a look at the complete study Here.

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