Whitney Rose is a Canadian singer-songwriter making her mark in the heart of Texas with a country twang that delves into the roots of the Texas two-step, and her forthcoming new project is a love letter to classic country music as it makes its way from the studio to the dance floor.

When Rose releases South Texas Suite on Jan. 27, the EP will be her first record made in Texas ... and her first foray into the rich musical culture of her current home, Austin. While she's tended more towards pop-country in the past, South Texas Suite is deeply personal and reveals a whole new layer to Rose's depth and breadth as a musician and a songwriter.

"She does that thing that makes country music great," says Rose's guitarist and backing vocalist, Sophia Johnson, in a short film introducing the EP (above), which premiered on Rolling Stone, "which is describing complex emotions but using a fairly simple framework."

South Texas Suite was birthed out of a temporary trip to Austin that ended up with Rose becoming a permanent resident. Just after the release of her Heartbreaker of the Year album, the singer participated in a two-month residency at the famed country music venue the Continental Club. As she fell more in love with Austin and its country music culture, Rose says that she began writing like crazy, resulting in a set of songs that represent Texas through her eyes.

"It's just such a musical town, and there's so much musical history," the artist explains. "It has just lit a fire in me. So I've been writing non-stop."

Perhaps the best example of Rose's infatuation with Texas and her desire to honor its country roots is the EP's opening track, "Three Minute Love Affair." The song -- featured in the video above -- is Tex-Mex at its finest, flavored with Latin flair and Rose's twangy vocals, creating a deeply romantic and sensuous waltz. In fact, it was that very dance that inspired Rose to write the song, as she watched two-steppers move across the dance floor at the Continental Club during her residency.

"I love the dance culture in Texas; I’m completely enamored," says Rose in an official press release. "That’s absolutely what inspired "Three Minute Love Affair" — as a song starts, the world kind of stops, and you’re like lovers for three minutes, and then it’s over, and you’re strangers again. But there’s this beautiful little moment in time."

Along with "Three Minute Love Affair," South Texas Suite includes new tracks penned by Rose and other writers she respects. The common theme in every song? Texas, of course. Whether she's singing a song written by an Austin native (such as "Analog" by Brennan Leigh) or about the state's official flower ("Bluebonnets for My Baby" by Teri Joyce), every note and lyric on Rose's 2017 release will pay tribute to the Lone Star State.

""Bluebonnets for My Baby" is everything that I love about music in a song," Rose notes. "I wanted this EP to be a little love letter or thank-you note to Texas, so I chose the songs that I perceived to be the most 'Texas.'"

Rose will release her South Texas Suite EP via Six Shooter Records. For more information on the country newcomer and her upcoming shows, and to listen to her music, visit Rose's official website at WhitneyRoseMusic.com.

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