Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany, has been posting bits and pieces glimpses of the couple's new baby, daughter Navy Rome, but on Sunday (Feb. 17) she put up the best full-frontal face shot of the little girl yet. Which, of course, has led to discussion of...who does the wee lass take after?

Brittany posted the photo of her "little dimple baby," adding a query directly to fans.

"Who does she look like to y’all? (Please someone throw me a bone... Jase says “we can’t keep having babies until one looks like you”)," Brittany pleaded on social media, adding slyly, "Hehehehe, yes we caaaaaan." Well, if that isn't a direct challenge, we don't know what is.

Public opinion seemed pretty divided on who the baby resembled, with many fans judiciously stating simply "she's beautiful" (seems safe to us). Jason has said this is his last baby, so Brittany might need to do some serious convincing on his end if Navy ends up resembling her father too strongly!

Little Navy made her debut earlier this month, and joins Jason's two older daughters from his previous marriage, as well as big brother Memphis, who turned a year old in December 2018.

In addition to welcoming a new baby, Aldean and his wife are currently building their dream home.

Jason Aldean's Rural Estate Is Amazing!

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