We gave away $1,000 two times a day during the month of November, but since we love cash so much we wanted to give away $10,000 to one of our VIP members. So now the burning question is: who won the grand prize in our $10,000 cash contest?

Well, we have a winner! Congratulations to Karla Rick. She's the winner of the $10,000 prize, and it sounds like the money will definitely be going to good use.

"Oh my gosh," Karla said when we called her to tell her that she had won the contest. "I am so going Christmas shopping."

It sounds like the money will help Karla celebrate a few awesome milestones with her family. "My daughter is getting married, and my son is coming home from the military on the 19th. It is going to be an AMAZING Christmas," she said.

So what was Karla's secret for winning this contest? It is simple! She's a member of our VIP program, and since it's easy to join our VIP club YOU could be our next big winner!

Our VIP program has tons of great contests happening right now—including the hottest gadgets, shopping sprees, cash, trips and more. You can also play games, access exclusive content, and share your feedback.

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