John Michael Montgomery's 'I Swear' topped the charts on this day in 1994.  We featured it on our KLAW Classic this morning.  We mentioned that along with the version we are familiar with, the song, written by Frank Myers and Gary Baker was also released by R & B group All-4-One.

However, there was one lyric change between the two songs.  Do you remember what difference was? Here are both versions of the song. Take a listen and see if you can figure it out.

In the second verse, the original song included the line, 'And when there's silver in your hair', in the All-4-One version, they changed it to, 'And when just the two of us are there'.  I guess since all of those vocalists were pretty young, we didn't want to mention grey hair!

It's been said that All-4-One were fans of John Michael Montgomery, covering another song of JMM's the very next year.  Remember which one? 'I Can Love You Like That'.  Just a little classic country trivia for your weekday!

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