What began as a fictional 'holiday' from the TV show Parks and Recreation in 2010,Galentine's Day has now taken wings as a day Ladies celebrate Ladies.  The bond between the gals is a strong one.The holiday falls the day before Valentines Day, February 13, and, in the TV show anyway, celebrated with Waffles and fizzy day drinks at brunch.  Well, the fact that this micro holiday falls on a Tuesday, brunch is out of the question, so we may just have to settle for karaoke night at our favorite establishment!

I have been blessed with the best Gal Pals ever.  My favorite memories seem to include at least one or more of my group, whether it's a road trip to the beach or spring training, Monday Night dinners, concerts or karaoke, these girls make the times so much more special.  I'm also happy to say that my daughter, Whitney is part of this group.

I posting my gal pay pictures in this post!  I couldn't make it a day without your girls.  Thanks for your strength, your tears, your humor, and most of all being a Bestie!

Of course the coolest of cool Galentine's Day would be if we could spend it with the most famous of all Gals...Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman!

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Justice League" - Red Carpet
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Whoever you spend your Galentine's Day with, be sure to enjoy the day, and the relationships that you have developed over time.  Celebrate Besties, or daughters, or sisters, or just friends!


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