The last week has seen a slight shift in the Morgan Wallen drama.  First, according the Country Aircheck, his record label has quietly added Wallen back on their website.  Earlier this month, the label head said that he was behind Wallen.

The 54th Annual CMA Awards - Show
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Fans in California, have again erected a billboard, this time, and so appropriately, outside the venue for Sunday nights Billboard Music Awards. The award show banned Wallen from any participation in the show that takes place Sunday evening.

Then on Wednesday, Morgan Wallen hopped up on stage at Kid Rock's Bar in Nashville for a short two song set. And social media went wild!  Videos poppedup almost immediately!

Now as Sunday's award show approaches, I can't help but think that a few wins at this show will add some steam to Morgan Wallen's never wanning musical popularity.

Here are Morgan Wallen's nominations for the Sunday's Show:

Top Song Sales Artist

Top Country Artist

Top Country Male Artist

Top Country Album: Dangerous: The Double Album

Top Country Song for 'Chasin' You'

Top Country Song for 'More Than My Hometown'

A win in any of these categories could change the minds of radio stations that have 'rested' Wallen's music.  Some have already started to sprinkle his music back in rotation.  Quietly, just like they 'rested' his music after the controversy. This is not a question of whether Morgan Wallen was wrong.  It's now a question of timing.  And if winning a Billboard Music Award or awards will increase the chance of adding Wallen back into main stream country.

How many awards do you think he will win? Take our poll!

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