Meeting someone online sure has its downside.

A man on Twitter posted the cruel text he got from a woman who skipped out during the middle of their date to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Ouch. That burn is so hot it could melt the Millennium Falcon. The man wasn't exactly down with this heartless rejection, either (note the NSFW language).

There's a little thing called karma and you've gotta imagine a whole heaping tablespoon of it is coming her way at some point. Being misled by a photo is nothing new in 21st century dating, but being so callous and open about it isn't cool, especially during the holiday season. Whatever happened to goodwill toward man? Has it been replaced by "your face is so hideous I'm going to tell you how nauseous I feel toward man?"

Then again, maybe she was turned off by his trouble spelling. It's "paid," not "payed." Come on, buddy.

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