What would happen if you gave up your email?  Would you lose all your friends?  Would you lose all contact with the outside world?  Nobody knows, but what we do know is you'll probably live longer.


According to researchers from the University of California they asked a huge group of THIRTEEN people to give up email for five days.  They were men and women ranging from chemical engineers to psychologists.  No composing, reading or answering email.  They went cold turkey.  The result: Nothing after day one and two but by day five they noticed a few things;

  • The test subjects were less stressed
  • Their productivity soared
  • They got up and walked around the office more often
  • They spoke face to face with co-workers more
  • They were able to focus on tasks a lot longer
  • They felt liberated and the feeling lasted for a few days

Although I don't think a mere 13 test subjects is statistically significant to call it a "study" I found the results interestingly obvious!  Of course they got up and walked around the office more and spoke face to face with co-workers; they didn't have email!  Maybe somebody should conduct a study on why we waste our time and money studying things that are totally obvious!


Finish this sentence:  "Life was sure a lot easier before __________ came along."