At the end of the trailer for Season 5 of Yellowstone, one of the show's biggest stars appears on screen looking quite different. If we're being honest, we should have seen this coming.

Monica (Kelsey Asbille) is Kayce Dutton's (Luke Grimes) wife on the Paramount Network drama. During Season 4 they moved away from the Yellowstone Ranch, and just before Kayce goes on his vision quest, she tells him she's expecting their second child together. It's a tender moment that lets viewers find hope that a smoother road lays ahead for them.

The trailer sees Kayce looking more anguished than ever, and Monica looking beat up, so the road might still be rough. Then, just before the reel ends, we seen Monica sporting a much shorter haircut.

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Why the dramatic makeover for Monica?

The answer lies in the beginning of the trailer. Season 5 looks to start with John Dutton being sworn in as governor of Montana, a role he pledged to run for during the end of Season 4. The show saved us a crazy election season and cuts right to his swearing in. This means several months have passed.

In fact, a full nine months may have passed, because if you stop the trailer at the 1:13 mark, you see Monica looking very un-pregnant. So, one of two things are true: She lost the baby (unlikely, because what would be the point of her getting pregnant), or she's had the baby. The second syncs with the expected timeline for Season 5 of Yellowstone (Nov. 13).

Several months have to have passed to get John Dutton into office and to allow for the show's young characters Carter and Tate (Finn Little and Brecken Merrill) to grow as much as the actors have in the 18 months between seasons.

So, why did Monica cut her hair? Ask any new mother the same question. The hair-pulling, the spit-ups, the inability to style in due to the time constraints of new motherhood ... Monica isn't making a statement — she just got herself a mom 'do!

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