I love convenience.  So, when Walmart began the grocery order and pick-up service, I was all in.  How easy it was to order all my groceries, then drive up and pick them up.  Heck, they even load the groceries into the car.

Walmart Delivery Service - A Dream Come True!

When Walmart began offering delivery, I'm not gonna lie, it was like a dream come true!  Now, all I have to do is order the groceries, and they get delivered right to my door.  For over a year, that has gone on without even one hiccup.  Until someone made changes in how Walmart's delivery service works. I don't know what those changes are, but I'm not a fan.

Last week, I had our groceries scheduled to be delivered on a Friday because my husband is usually home on Fridays, and he likes to put them away.  It was an especially busy Friday for us and I was out of contact for part of the day.  When I got a text asking if I could spare a minute, I knew something must be up because he knew I was too busy to talk.

 Who Orders Avacados for Home Delivery?

When I called home, I was asked if I ordered 3 dozen eggs, avocados, and 2-liter bottles of pop.  I did not.  Even though the Walmart delivery person took a picture of what was supposed to be my order, I got the wrong thing.  This was my first experience.  It took two days to get to talk to a live person to explain that I had indeed received a grocery order, just not MY grocery order, I was instructed to return the other order and they would refund my charges.  It still meant that I had to re-shop my entire $235 order.

Also, for the last two weeks, I've noticed that my order is coming in different deliveries.  Not exactly sure why that's happening, but I'll get random orders delivered with one or two items from my grocery that arrive a day or two earlier, or later.  No rhyme or reason.


That brings me to today.  I received my grocery order Sunday afternoon, with a promise of the second-order to complete my purchase to arrive on Monday.  This is what was in the second box.


Seriously, all of these items are available in the store.  I have no idea whatsoever why they randomly chose these items to ship (at no charge) to my home a day after their delivery service left the bulk of my order.

Is this just me? I may be rethinking renewing my Walmart membership next year if the end of 2021 continues to go like this.  Although I do so love the convenience, and truth be told, I spend way, way less money if I don't actually go into the store.  Who knew that impulse shopping could cost you so much more money?

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