When asked to create a list of the Best Places for a kids Birthday Party in Lawton, I had to go way back in my own experience with my kids’ parties. While the McDonald’s parties were great, there are so many other options available to choose from.

My daughter just had the “joy” of planning my grand daughter’s First Birthday party, and during the process found the perfect place for a 1year old party. So that’s how I approached this list. Not necessarily in order of how good they are, but by age. So, we will start with McKayla’s party venue.

Pizza Hut on Cache Road- 2311 Cache Road.

This is a great location, just recently renovated and they added a party room. The cost to rent the room was just $25, and the let you bring in your own cake, ice cream, and drinks. Of course they want you to order Pizza, and most people do. It is a private room with a door, so you don’t have to work about the kids getting too loud.

Holiday Bowl – 3140 Cache Road.

I attended a party for a 1 year old at this venue in December of last year. Now, I know that a 1 year old cannot bowl, but all her siblings, cousins and children of her parent’s friends all had a blast. And so did Taylor. Holiday Bowl has two different packages for kids ages 11 & under. Package one allows 1 game of bowling (bumpers allowed), shoe rental, and a drink for just $4.99 per bowler, plus tax, but if you really want the value package, you’ll choose Package two that has all of that and adds a kids meal with your choice of hot dog, corn dog, chicken nuggets, or grilled cheese and a drink. Just think, you won’t have to cook, or wash dishes! Bonus! Plus Holiday Bowl does something extra for the Birthday Child. They put a real bowling pin with Balloons tied to the neck at the lanes for the party as a cherished keepsake (or dust gatherer) for your child forever and forever, or until the dog uses it as a chew toy!

Kids Zone 38th Street at Meadowbrook.

The obvious attraction to Kids Zone is the enormous playground! I think maybe a year more before McKayla can navigate the pea sized rock that surrounds the play area by herself, but for kids in the 2-3 year old range, this is a great place. It’s pavilion is managed by the City of Lawton Parks & Rec, so you can call there to reserve it with just a $25 price tag. You are responsible to brink all of your own party stuff there of course. I did go to a Hannah Montana party there last October, and it was awesome. The only drawback that I can think of here is the Oklahoma Wind. But it is what it is. We should be used to that by now.

Elmer Thomas Park.

Again, this is managed by the City of Lawton Parks and Rec. Two pavilions to choose from both great sizes. We have used these to host lots of parties, not just Birthdays. We have had work parties, and soccer parties there too. A $20 key deposit is required, and the pavilion rental is just $25. It usually takes a week to a week and a half to get your permit, so be sure to call early. You don’t want to wait to the last minute and still not be able to use it because you don’t have your permit! I love this option as well, because it fits kids of all ages. There is a lot of space to run wild, there are public restrooms, and you can even feed the ducks at Lake Helen. The pavilions are furnished with lots of tables and gated so you won’t loose your little ones!

Laugh Out Loud Lawton – 6720 NW Quannah Parker Trail.

This is my choice for older kids. In fact when pricing the party packages, they recommend kids ages 4-12 years of age, but admit that kids even older like to come as well. The price is somewhat higher than the other options, but it just depends on how much you want your child to be able to do. Packages range from $149.95 to $219.95 which all include 3 party pizzas, drinks, a private party room, a personal party host for an hour and a half. The price is based on ten children, plus the Birthday child is free! Each child will also receive a game card to be used on the various games. The value of the card is what determines the price differences in the packages. Their package does not include the cake as of yet, so you will have to furnish your own. They are working on being able to furnish that for you as well.

Again, these options are all based on my opinions not on any scientific survey or anything. But, when we plan McKayla’s party for next year, we have lots of choices!

So, is there a place that I have forgotten? Feel free to leave your comment and let me know!