Clay’s Corner

Random Thoughts From My Files – Is It Already May?
As long as I can remember, the changing of the month always meant a couple of things.  One, dad would always change the calendar it prior to going to bed.  I always wondered how it happened.  And then there was always the feel of a new month.  May always broug…
Life as I Know It Humpday Edition
Driving around can make your mind wander ninety to nothing.  Today was no exception to the rule for me.  I had a photo shoot this morning for staff pictures.  7:15 is too early.  And it was cold!  Now I know why models get paid the big bucks.
The Gas Problem is Here to Stay
This morning I stopped to get gas and as I was pulling in my neighborhood gas station I notice the price of gas has gone up since last week. I wasn’t surprise by the gas prices going up, for the past 10 years I have seen the gas trend again and again. At first I was surprised, sure it’s just…
Man Burns Flag Over Houston
Whitney Houston was laid to rest this past weekend amid a series of celebrations and accolades of her life which (in some opinions) ended way too soon.  But there were other people who decided that her send off was over the top.

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