Independence Day: Resurgence – Theeeey’re Baaaack [VIDEO]
Fox made some boring Sunday football games a little more exciting yesterday, when it debuted the trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence, the long awaited sequel to the 1996 smash hit Independence Day. In the movie, the aliens driven off by the combined forces of Earth's resistance have return…
What’s Your Favorite Holiday Movie? [POLL]
Whether its classics like A Christmas Carol with Allistair Sim, modern comedies like Elf with Will Ferrell or farces like Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase, movies are an important part of the holiday season.
‘Creed’ Review: An Old Franchise Flies High Again
“The way I imagine it, after the fight, he’s riding home in a cab, with the roar of the people chanting ‘Rocky!’ still in his ears. And he just drops over dead. In other words, he has achieved everything possible and he dies when he’s on top. I don’t think p…

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