KLAW’s Nancy Mace Reviews Her Favorite Photography Apps! [PHOTOS]
I am not a professional photographer, but with the digital world booming and all the free apps out there, it makes it easier to take beautiful pictures. Even if you are not a photographer you and I can still have fun and create pin-worthy prints! Here are my all time favorite photo apps that are rea…
7 Apps Guaranteed to Make Tax Season a Breeze
Tax season isn’t fun for anyone. While filing your taxes means digging through shoeboxes of receipts, guessing at what number goes on which line and and pounding your head against real or imaginary walls, it can be even worse.
Luckily there are a few great apps that can help ease the …
Is Your Phone Smarter Than You? [poll]
Nearly half of American Adults are now Smartphone Owners.  That's up 11% over last may.  Your Morning Crew wants to know which Smartphone do you own?
What is Your Smart Phone of Choice?

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