Just as the country was moving on from their fears of ebola, a new case pops up in NYC, and the people of OKC Craigslist go for broke selling these ebola prep kits.

I'm no stranger to 'prepping' but really? Ebola prep kits? Granted, the entire responsibility of not making a contagion of this terrible virus lays solely with those who have it... but the odds are astronomical!

OKC Craigslist

The above kit seems to make a little sense of these wild times we're seeing. It harkens back to the Avian Flu days... Remember how everyone walked around with surgical masks on? Ridiculous. This kit is even daring in the description...

Ebola kit for sale. Don't get caught without it. Our prices are fair and competitive. For 100.00 you can be safe and we'll throw in 2 kit for half price. Make sure your loved ones are safe as well.

Now I know what you're thinking... a four year old wrote those sentences... I doubt it, but that's not the point. This description is so sneakily playing on your emotions. Shameful? Yeah, but that's business.

Surprisingly, that's not the only 'Ebola Kit' on the OKC Craigslist... There are a number of them in varying degrees of unscientific protection. Each one as lame as the last.

There are also some hilarious parody listings too. This one happened to catch my eye.

OKC Craigslist

This could be the greatest thing I've seen on Craigslist all month! The banana is over-the-top hilarious!

Now, I'm pretty surprised this 'fad' of selling junk ebola kits hasn't hit the Lawton Craigslist yet... but if people keep getting sick, you can almost count on it.