The Department of Defense has recently opened another MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) to include women, according to MG Mark McDonald during today's Ft. Sill Update.

McDonald says that two women from Minnesota were the first the enlist as a field artillery fire finder radar operator specialist; also know as 13Romeo, and will arrive at Ft. Sill later this Fall to begin basic training.  Congratulations to Kindra Pfaff and Stephanie Reese.

Also included in today's update:

  • Sill Soldiers Place First and Second in TRADOC competition

Congratulations to SFC William Schaffhauser, III and SSG Nicole Carroll who competed with thousands of other soldiers in the competition.  They appeared in front of a board of Sergeants answering on-the-spot questions, and they are just another example of the caliber of Ft. Sill Soldiers.

  • Dental Command Change of Command

Colonel Mary Jo Corbett will say farewell at a ceremony at Graham Resiliency Training Campus today.

  • 74th Annual Lawton Rangers Rodeo, Aug 8-11

Military night on Saturday as 1500 recruits will fill the stands.  The half section performs each night.

  • August 15 Brad Paisley Concert

Yes, Brad Paisley will be live at Ft. Sill's Polo Field.  MG Mark McDonald confirmed once again that Paisley will indeed be live at the free Military appreciation concert given by Brad.  See more info at

  • Patriot Club Sunday Brunch August 19, 12:30pm

Reservations for the monthly brunch must be made no later than August 14.  Full Breakfast and Full Dinner meals available.  Members $18, non-members $18.50 .


If you missed any of the Fort Sill Update this morning, listen here: