Today's KLAW Classic Song 'Always On My Mind' by Willie Nelson was the number one song 30 years ago today.  It's the version of the song that always comes to mind.  You may be surprised to know that the song was recorded by 4 other artists as well.

Little Brenda Lee had a version of  'Always On My Mind' that she recorded in 1972.  It didn't find much success, only making it the Number 45 on the Country Charts.  Here's Brenda's version.

The same year, 1972, found a well known pop artist releasing the song as a 'B' side to his hit "Seperate Ways".  That artist was Elvis Presley.

In 1979, John Wesley Ryles, climbed all the way to the 20th spot with his version of 'You Are Always On My Mind" from his 'Let the Night Begin Album'.  Here's John's version:

I think the most interesting of all of the versions of all came from a Pop group known as the Pet Shop Boys.  The video is hilarious, and the song hit the Billboard Hot 100 Charts at Number 4.  Here are the Pet Shop Boys!