Jen Sculley is a high school gym teacher in Denver. But for one student, she's now much more than that. 

Jen, who looks to be in her 40s, recently found out that one of her students was undergoing dialysis treatment every night because her kidneys were failing.

The student is remaining anonymous, but the whole thing affected Jen in a big way.Partly because the student has the same name as Jen's aunt, who passed away about a year ago from lung cancer.

Jen said she was listening to the student talk about her treatments and immediately thought to herself, 'you're going to give her a kidney.' And she did just that.

It turned out they were a perfect match, the surgery was last Wednesday, and they're both doing well. In fact, Jen's student walked across the hospital the very next day to thank her in person for what she did. Jen plans to take the rest of the month off work to recover.

If you were able to do so, would you donate a kidney to some one that was not a family member?