How Much Is Too Much?  Skin that is!

Family night at the movies, enjoying valuable time with my wife and kids until it happened.  My ten year old daughter began giggling and pointing at an individual a few places up in the line, waiting on tickets.

Right now, from the title of this article, you are expecting that I am about to tell you of a scantly-clad woman......I could only wish.  Standing before my family and I, a mid-twenties something man with yellow shorts on.  The giggles weren't because of the canary yellow color, nor the extremely tight spandex type muscle shirt,  it was the disturbing display of his "private parts" being shown under the hem of the shorts.  He was wearing a pair of shorts that would make Daisy Duke blush! I quickly shushed the kids, and gave them twenty dollars to go and get in line for popcorn and drinks.

Really, I mean really?

Is it just me or is modesty no longer a word used in the English language?  I can recognize good looking people as well as the next person, but putting your "junk" out for the public to see.....IN PUBLIC....... is too much.  I credit lack of modesty being presented in the homes, television, big screen, internet, and in society as a whole.  Just look at the people of Wal-Mart website.... these are real people who traverse through public places with little to no discretion.  The only media I can't credit with this is radio....thank God you can't see us when on the air.  I probably wouldn't have gotten the job if you could.

I believe in free speech, expression, and the right to dress how one sees fit.....but I also believe that I as a parent have the right to not have your taste in clothing, or the lack of it, infringed upon my family and I.

Thank you for putting on some pants next time you go to the movies.....maybe now I'll have an appetite for popcorn!