How Much Is Too Much? Skin That Is!
How Much Is Too Much?  Skin that is!
Family night at the movies, enjoying valuable time with my wife and kids until it happened.  My ten year old daughter began giggling and pointing at an individual a few places up in the line, waiting on tickets...
4 Creative and Unusual Garden Furniture Ideas You Can Do Yourself
Sure, you could take the easy route and head on over to Ikea or your local lawn-and-garden shop and pick up a few pieces of outdoor furniture for your backyard. But if you really want to impress your friends and indulge your creative flair, you might want to consider some of these more unusual optio…
Summer Block Busters Worth Leaving the Sun For [VIDEO]
With the Summer fast approaching, and temperatures climbing, we find ourselves wanting to find ways to cool down.  You could spend your time at the beach, or pool side, or perhaps you'd like to come in from the sun and enjoy one of the awesome movies coming out this Summer.
Why Are High Schools Banning ‘Sexy’ Prom Dresses?
When I was young (don't you love when a story starts that way), prom was pretty simple.  Girls would buy a dress and guys would rent a tux.  The guy would pick the girl up at her front door in either his beat up old pickup or maybe Dad let them borrow the car for the night.  They…
NASA Corn Maze Patterns Are Out of This World [PHOTOS]
When you hear about crop circles, the first thing that immediately pops to mind is strange, unexplainable alien patterns encoded in farmland. So what better way to celebrate NASA’s rich history of space exploration than with some amazing corn maze crop circles?

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