The K-LAW 101 Saturday Classic honors the birthday of Jill Lynne Byrem, born 66 years ago today - October 13th, 1946 - in Bloomsberg, PA. We know her better as Lacy J. Dalton.

In 1982 she got a hold of a song called '16th Avenue', written by fellow Pennsylvanian Thom Schuyler. You may know Schuyler from his work in the trio Schuyler, Knobloch & Overstreet, or from some of the many songs he's written over the years. Songs like 'Love Will Turn You Around' (Kenny Rogers), 'A Long Line Of Love' (Michael Martin Murphy) and 'Love Out Loud' (Earl Thomas Conley). Schuyler would go on to become chairman of the Country Music Association, and later became head of RCA Records Nashville division where he was responsible for signing a young singer named Kenny Chesney, and helped launch the careers of Martina McBride and Sara Evans.

'16th Avenue' is a tribute to the songwriting community of Nashville. It was a top 10 song for Lacy J. Dalton in 1982. In honor of her 66th birthday today, here's a video of her singing the song at a gathering of other country singers and songwriters. See how many you recognize.