Every year, I go into the big store and look at the display and, without fail, the list of school supplies for my son's grade is already gone.  You might tell me that I should start this little adventure earlier.  In response, I would tell you that my kid does NOT like shopping for school supplies.

I used to LOVE school supply shopping more than almost anything else.  Finding the perfect Trapper Keeper (rainbows or unicorns were always required), getting that fresh box of Crayola Crayons (when my parents were doing well, I got the box of 64).  Dillon doesn't care and would rather keep his 6-year-old backpack with the holes and torn strap.

Sometimes I buy school supplies just for me. . . because there is something special about fresh construction paper. . .

Here is the 2014-2015 LPS supply list.  Of course, some schools will have extra items that you'll find out about at registration or after the first day of school.  If your kid is like mine, they will tell you about three weeks after school starts when they have already gotten in trouble twice for not having the needed item.