In a strange turn of events, Oklahoma lawmakers are now considering banning all marriages in an effort to keep gay marriage illegal in the Sooner state.

The idea comes from Representative Mike Turner (R-Edmond) who filed the bill. Turner states that this attempt it to keep same-sex marriage illegal in Oklahoma while also satisfying the U.S. Constitution.

"[My constituents are] willing to have that discussion about whether marriage needs to be regulated by the state at all," Turner told News9.

By banning all marriages, men and women relationships as well as same sex relationship would not be able to married within the state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma's ban decision on same-sex marriage now heads to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, CO.

Turner accepts that the idea does make some people uncomfortable, but others have blasted the representative stating that Turner is simply punishing straight couples just to keep the right of marriage away from same-sex couples.

This move also opens debate on if government should have any say so on the personal lives of its citizens.

Also what would this mean for couples already married? Would Oklahoma still honor those licenses or would they also be void? Let us know in the comments below.