Cattle Are Dogs and Horses Are Cats
Not so long ago a rancher would saddle up his horse and ride out to either move cattle from one pasture to another or to bring them up to graze on winter wheat. Where I grew up, in northern South Dakota, they would ride out and bring the cattle up close to the barn for winter.
Heroic Motorcyclist Saves Calf From Drowning [VIDEO]
The curious little calf in this video was perhaps a little too curious while investigating a nearby canal and found himself unable to climb back out.
Luckily,  a passing motorcyclist who spotted the struggling bovine realized the danger the calf was in, rushed to its aid, and after several attem…
Radio Controlled Round-Up [VIDEO]
The life of a cow is not all that exciting.  Walk around, eat some grass, chew their cud, eat some more grass, drink some get the idea.  BUT when something shows up in the pasture that they are unfamiliar with, it's like the greatest day ever!