Drought Could Make Oklahoma Wheat Harvest The Worst in Decades
As I was driving down our country road today I could hear machinery running. I knew what it was; swathers and balers. They weren't cutting grass for hay (which we should be doing about this time of year). They were cutting the wheat and bailing it. There is nothing to harvest.
Is Global Warming Causing The Drought?
There have been a lot of discussions about the drought lately.  Is it global warming?  Is it a shift in the polar axis?  Not according to Chris Hill from Australia, it's as "clear as day" what is causing the drought.
There Are Crickets Everywhere! What Does It Mean?
The crickets have been absolutely crazy this year. I did some searching on the internet and according to Dr. Roger E. Gold of Texas A&M, the crickets are abundant for two reasons; “One, they have completed development and are reproducing and spreading out. Tw...
Massive Dust Storm Swallows Phoenix [VIDEO]
Phoenix, Arizona looked like a scene from an apocalyptic summer blockbuster Tuesday night after a massive dust storm engulfed the city and its surrounding areas.
The dust cloud appeared to be 100 miles wide and was moving between 50 and 60 miles an hour.