Yesterday on the way home from work I passed countless vehicles stranded in the median and ditches.  Although it was icy and drizzling sleet, it was obvious that the majority of these were in the predicament they were in due to there inability to slow down and evaluate their driving conditions.

According to my research, 87% of accidents that happen from the months of November to February can be attributed to winter weather and human error.  That translates into people driving too fast for the winter weather conditions that they are in.

While driving home in the middle of the winter weather that blew in, I noticed a lot of vehicles driving way too fast for the road conditions.

What makes us feel that we are invisible?  What gives us that sense of being beyond the limit and safe? Common sense seems to take a back seat to our natural instinct for self preservation.

I urge each of you to take it very easy on the winter roads.  There is nothing important enough for someone to risk the lives of self and others on these slick roads.