It's the most wonderful time of the year, when snowflakes fall from the sky, collect on the ground… and then get turned into profound works of art. (Or video game characters.) Here are the ten most awesome snowmen we found on the internet.



Go Big Or Go Home



Yeah, we have to admit, the only reason something this size is sitting on our front lawn every year is the fact that you need a lot of manpower and bulldozers to put it all together. Otherwise, we'd take all the white stuff blocking our driveway and make a Godzilla-sized snowman and freak out our neighbors.


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'Halo' Master Chief in Exclusive Frost Armor



Really, who do you want defending your lawn from annoying carolers? Frosty, or a guy who curbstomps aliens for a living? Keep in mind Frosty doesn't have a pulse rifle.


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The Thinker



Add some class to your lawn with a snowman version of Rodin's 'The Thinker.' The inevitable melting will be a piquant commentary on the fragility of man. And also really cool to watch.


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Jabba the Snowman



There's no better way to announce to your neighbors that they live next door to a “nerd lair” than with a 'Star Wars'-themed snowman. Add a “frozen in carbonite” Han Solo and ensure that you won't be invited over to watch any football games anytime soon.


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Never Pick Up Hitchhiking Snowmen



It was all we could do not to title this one “Quick! Look over there!”


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Homer the Snowman



Yeah, this one was all but inevitable. But we like the attention to detail, right down to dyeing his pants blue and giving him the “Mmmmm, foodstuffs” expression. “I'm melting! D'oh!”


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Judy Is a Punk Rock Snowman



Apparently this is how New Yorkers make a snowman.


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Snow Stewie Griffin



Our only problem with this snowman take on Stewie from 'Family Guy' is that apparently, when he's translated into a snow sculpture, the pint-sized troublemaker's distinctive football head and small child body looks a little creepy in three dimensions. Though the overalls are a nice touch. “I have an overwhelming urge to kill snowman Lois…”


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Snowman Slide



You might be wondering why we have two giant snowmen on this list. Well, this one, built in Lake Tahoe, isn't just a snowman: he's also a massive snow slide. Hence the door at ground level.


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Lego Snowman



In case “Snow Jabba” wasn't geeky enough, here's a Lego snowman for kids and grown-up kids alike. The question is, if you build a Lego house out of snow, will his feet click into the little nubs?


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