So, the four-day marathon known as the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament is now in our rearview mirror. If your bracket busted like a cheap watch, you may not care too much about the rest of March Madness, so here are some ways to pass the time until a national championship is crowned:

1. Keep trying to find truTV on your cable system.

2. Watch the women’s tournament. No, seriously.

3. Take a shower. You spent four straight days on the couch, creating a sweat stain in the shape of Rhode Island that takes up roughly the same amount of space.

4. Cut down the net in your laundry basket so you can feel like what it’s like to win.

5. Buy some valium for Gus Johnson.

6. Spend more time organizing your spring training office pool.

7. Accept the fact you couldn’t find anyone to join your spring training office pool.

8. Gradually come to terms with the fact that this will be the last year we can all enjoy March Madness with a baby-free Snooki.

9. Instead of watching nine straight hours of basketball, flip over to ESPN and watch nine straight hours of coverage guessing where Peyton Manning will play next season.

10. Work on the fake cough you’ll need to show is finally going away when you return to work after calling in sick last week to stay home and watch all the games.

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