Relieved that 2020 is finally over? You're not the only one: The judges on American Idol are gearing up for a new set of talent...and are ready to slam the door shut on the year that nobody wants to remember.

In a hilarious new spot posted on New Year's Eve, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry let fans know just how they feel about 2020 with a hilarious little ditty. Bryan sets the mood with a few piano chords, while Perry reclines on top of the baby grand and croons her thoughts on the past 12 months.

"Is this six feet on your TV channel?" she sings, as Bryan hoots with laughter. "Will we ever see a brighter day? 2020, you have sucked. 2021, will you kick 2020 in the butt? We are hoping for a brighter day...2020, can you just go the hell away?"

Fellow judge Lionel Richie doesn't participate in the tune, but he's there, too, offering up some praise. "Good rap!" he enthused, in between cracking up at Perry's theatrics.

That said, we are all pretty much in the same boat regarding hopes that 2021 will be better. One thing that does promise to be good is the upcoming season of American Idol, set to premiere for its fourth turn on ABC February 14. All three judges, as well as host Ryan Seacrest and mentor Bobby Bones, will return for the new year.

How the show will be filmed and handled this season remains to be seen, although it's a safe bet that the producers and crew learned a few things last year when unexpectedly forced to shoot the entire shebang remotely as a result of the pandemic.

Bryan shared last August that there were a few bumps in the road that caused headaches last season...including his rural location in Tennessee where he was hunkering down, which didn't have reliable internet.

"Our internet was holding up [everything]," the country superstar shared, explaining that showrunners had to send a satellite truck to his house to fix the problem.

"[The operator] could not even come inside; he had to sleep in his truck," Bryan added. "We had to get him a Porta-Potty ... This was at the height of COVID. It was the only way we could get good internet connection!"

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