WARNING: This video is hard to watch and maybe upsetting to some viewers, hit play at your own discretion. The video shows an incredibly close call with death that took place at a kite festival overseas. A 3 year old girl in Taiwan was accidentally wrapped up and tangled in a large kite tail that launched her over 100 feet into the air. People watched terrified as this poor little girl was lifted and taken skyward.

I can't even imagine as a parent what it must have been like to experience this. How helpless you'd feel, the certain dread and fear they must have had seeing this happen to their child. Luckily the little girl was rescued and they managed to get the kite down before she fell. It's a miracle that she was tangled up enough by the kite tail not to have fallen. It went up so quickly no one could help her and they probably didn't even know she was in trouble until she went airborne. It's definitely hard to watch that's for sure.

As fast as the kite went up and how the tail kept swinging and spinning her around I still can't believe she made it back to the ground in one piece. Most people in the crowd were moving around that in the event she fell they could try to catch her. I'm just glad she's okay and the story has a happy ending. I know I wouldn't be in too big a hurry to return to any kites festivals after this, that's for sure.

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