Another Fireworks Safety Tip with Critter [VIDEO]
There is no room for sloppiness when messing with fireworks... When you start doing stupid stuff with explosives, awesome happens. Try to catch it on video.
Growing up, there was a story told to all of the kids about fireworks that had us all making cautious decisions about handling them from an earl…
How To Make Ramen Noodles Into Epic Meals
A Day from payday and I'm scrounging in the kitchen looking for something to eat. We've all been there, or you over bought a bunch of Ramen Noodles and are already sick of them and really don't want to eat them. Well fear not, this video has some great ideas or hacks to help take thos…
Oklahoma Charging Violent Protestors With Terrorism [POLL]
Oklahoma just took a strong stand against the recent rioting, violence and looting by charging people involved in such acts with terrorism. Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater just charged three people who were involved in several incidences of rioting, arson, violence and destruction of …
Bong Smoking a Carolina Reaper Pepper
For whatever reason this guy wanted to see what would happen if he took a Carolina Reaper pepper, one of the hottest peppers on earth, put it in a bong and tried smoke it. I for one am glad he attempted this little experiment, I know I learned a lot. He should try other peppers.

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