I talked about this on air yesterday and received a bunch of requests to share it, so here you are: The Seven Signs You Would Mae an Awesome Leader from MSN Living.

1.  You have a desire to help others.  You don't just want to boss people around.  You actually want to bring out the best in people make the whole team stronger.

2.  You always want to learn more.  Good leaders aren't know-it-alls.  They're the opposite.  They're smart enough to know that they don't always have all the answers, and they're willing to take the time to figure them out.

3.  You're patient.  Strong leaders know not to make rash decisions.  They're methodical and take their time when they're faced with important choices, or when the stakes are high.  Which means they're better at decision-making than the rest of us.

4.  You've got a lot of self-discipline.  Great leaders have a lot of self-control.  They set challenging goals and make sure that they meet them.

5.  You don't mind taking on hard problems.  Born leaders don't throw in the towel when things get rough.  They LIKE the challenge and they work hard to find a solution.

6.  You get better and stronger with age.  Powerful people tend to constantly improve.  They welcome change and are able to adapt.

7.  You take responsibility for your actions.  Good leaders find lessons in their failures, so nothing ever sets them back.

Source: MSN Living

Does this sound like you? What about your direct supervisor?