77th Army Band "The Pride of Fort Sill" is planning a couple of virtual holiday concerts. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic they were unable to perform live at McMahon Auditorium with an audience this year for their annual Yuletide spectacular. However, we'll still get to see them perform live virtually on their official Facebook page. It's a Lawton, Fort Sill Christmas tradition to have the 77th Army Band at McMahon Auditorium and we're happy to hear they figured out a way to still do a holiday performance in 2020.   

They have 2 performances scheduled this holiday season. The first will take place this upcoming Monday, December 14th (12-14-20) at 7:00pm CST on Facebook. It will feature the 77th Army Band Woodwind Quintet. The next virtual concert will be the 77th Army Band Brass Quintet on Monday, December 21st (12-21-20) at 7:00pm CST. Both concerts will be shown live on the 77th Army Band official Facebook page.

Facebook.com- 77th Army Band

Facebook.com- 77th Army Band

While it's sad that we're unable to physically attend the show in person at least we still get a performance. Actually we get 2 so that's awesome! Plus they'll be live from McMahon Auditorium for both concerts, so it'll be like we're there. Looking forward to it and plan to log on and watch them live with the family. We'll even put it on the big screen so we can enjoy it with surround sound in all it's glory.

You'll definitely want to log on and watch especially if you've never been, or haven't had the opportunity to see them perform before. It's a great show and will be the perfect soundtrack to a countdown to Christmas Monday night with the family. A BIG THANKS to the 77th Army Band and all those who assisted in figuring out a way to make all this possible. We could all use some extra holiday cheer this year...

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