Father’s Day -- it’s the one time of the year you can tell the old man you appreciate how much he tolerates you constantly hitting him up for advice, wisdom and money.

It’s a day for dads to soak in their contribution to future generations, even if that contribution once smeared dog poop all over the living room wall. Here are the reasons you don't realize it's great to be a father:

  • Dads can trick kids into thinking they know everything -- even algebra

  • Dads never have to worry about oversleeping (or sleeping for that matter)

  • Dads can bore kids with the story of how they met your mother (and they've got to listen every time)

  • Dads are trendsetters

  • It’s totally acceptable for Dads to scare the crap out of boyfriends

  • Dads know when it's time to go (Hint-- It's always time to go)

  • Dads would rule in a professional piggybacking league

  • Every Dad knows exactly how this guy felt