Oklahoma law enforcement are used to all kinds of strange phenomena. But recently, an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman pulled over a UFO on one of Oklahoma's highways.

It's not every day that you see a spaceship flying down the highway. If you do see one, it's expectedly zooming through the sky. But now you can't say seeing one driving on the ground is impossible!

According to a Facebook post from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, a highway patrolman pulled over a UFO on the Turner Turnpike for an obstructed tag. The couple was driving their spaceship to America's alien motherland - Roswell, New Mexico - for a UFO festival.

The spaceship may have really had an obstructed tag, but, like all of us, we think the trooper was just curious about the spaceship. Several videos of the spaceship on Oklahoma highways cropped up on social media on Tuesday, July 2. Everyone was amazed and curious as to what it was!

@payton.stinnett Only in Oklahoma #area51 #oklahoma #ufo #ufosighting ♬ som original - ★

Even the local news covered the phenomena. And it looks like the couple was let go with just a warning.

The story definitely gave everyone in Oklahoma something to smile about this week.

Have you seen any UFOs in Oklahoma?

Although the UFO this week were human cosplays, we want to know if you've ever seen any REAL UFOs in Oklahoma. Message us on our station app and tell us your UFO story! And, of course, if you have any photo or video evidence, please share! We may just feature it in a future article.

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