Lawton is known for many things. Gateway to the Wichita Mountains, the availability of amazing Indian tacos, the good 'ole boy network, and dim-witted politicians. It's a small leap from what Lawton was known for twenty years ago... Pawn shops, violent crime, fast food, the good 'ole boy network, and dim-witted politicians... but there's one thing that is somehow talked about by no one and everyone at the same time. Hit and run accidents.

I'll tell you hwaht, I can remember my first Lawton hit and run accident like it was yesterday...

The line at Taco Bell on Sheridan was too long, so I figured I'd pop inside since it looked empty. Parked my truck, headed in, the whole process took all of six minutes. The moment I walked out the door with my tacos and frozen Mountain Dew I instantly noticed someone backed into my truck.

Even worse, when I looked around, there was nobody standing there with an apologetic look on their face. No note, no sorry, not even a fake business card. Shenanigans.

I headed back to work to angrily eat my sad tacos and shared my story with a coworker. You know what they said that made me eventually feel better about it?

"Welcome to Lawton. You're a part of us now."

In the decade since it happened, I can't tell you how many stories I've heard of hit and run accidents over the years. Honestly, I probably average four a month, even during the pandemic when we all stayed home for the most part.

Hit and run accidents have become so common that as long as nobody was hurt or killed, the police department won't even come to take your statement or offer a police report. They'll tell you that it happened on "private property" out one side of their mouths, but as the car club guys know, they'll sure pull up and question you while hanging out on private property as if they suddenly had that kind of authority, won't they?

If you've been made a victim of a hit and run accident in Lawton, just look at it as your baptism to becoming a Lawtonian. The fun stuff is on the Westside, whiners move to the Eastside, I hope you like Chinese food and wasteful government spending.

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