As I was flipping around the channels on Sunday afternoon, I found myself on the upper limits of my cable system, I came across a concert from 2007 that I just had to share.

Performers across time and genres gathered at the Roy Acuff Theater in Nashville to pay tribute to George Jones' 50th anniversary in Country music.It was April 2007 and elites from the country music, blue grass, gospel and pop genres got together to honor the man they called "The Possum". Telling tales about a side of Jones and telling of their memories of the man and his music, a side that the public rarely saw. Artists like Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Martina McBride, Trace Adkins and Harry Connick, Jr talked about the man and his music and what George meant to them.

One of the comments I hear from a lot of people is about the lack of 'true country personalities" in today's country music. While I don't necessarily agree, I do know that from escapades on riding mowers to drunk recording sessions, from classic duets to "No Show Jones" and from songs that will have you settin' 'em up to songs that rip out your heart, there will surely never be another George Jones.

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