With the change of seasons, the chance of deer crossing the roadways of Oklahoma increases with the oncoming rutting season. The annual deer mating season is about to begin, and AAA of Oklahoma is urging drivers to be on the lookout for animals crossing roadways across the state.

Statistics show that most animal/auto collisions occur during the months of October, November and December are when mating seasons are at their peak. The rutting season for deer generally hits its peak in Oklahoma in early-to-mid-November.

Annually, an average of 110 motorists are killed or injured in collisions with, or caused by deer. Over the last two decades, collisions have been trending higher, as urban growth has driven deer into more populated regions.

AAA  of Oklahoma urges motorists to be on high alert, especially when driving in rural and wooded areas. AAA also advises that rush hours are Particularly high risk times because those times correspond to when deer are most active.

Whitetail deer doe and fawn
Getty Images

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